Jan 13, 2020 • 2M

7: They can lock you up, they can put you in chains, but they cannot break what you mind the most

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Stoic Serenity
Stoic philosophy. Written and read by naii.io. Published on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
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Your mind.

Everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off. They’re trying to master all the modern-world responsibilities. So many duties, so little time. So much is not important. They invented it themselves.

You’re in jail.

Too much vodka last night.

They also don’t like your face. So, they let you wait 12 hours longer than everyone else there before they called your fiancé.

You know the laws.

And you know they broke them.

Are you losing your cool?

They want you to.

That would give them the official reason to move you to a stricter facility.

Why did you end up here anyway?

Yes, you boozed too much, and yes you were shouting at the police and said the P-word. But they were also bored, looking for a troublemaker like you, and you were an easy pick.

You could shout now. You could scream at them. You could recite all the laws they’ve been violating.

But you know what?

They would then put you into a cell with that dude who happens to have a knife in his hand. And they would look away.

When your options are low, there is always one option to take. You can choose to manage your thoughts and choices.

There is beauty in simplicity because it leads to clarity.

And that’s what undesired, close to hopeless circumstances teach us.

You can always manage your mind.

They cannot break your mind.