Jan 27, 2020 • 1M

10: The 3 wise man’s pillars of education

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Stoic Serenity
Stoic philosophy. Written and read by naii.io. Published on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday.
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Check your judgment. It’s your ability to see things clearly in the given circumstances.

Reason and intuition are your friends. They affect what you desire and what you’re averse to. What’s good and bad for you, that’s what your judgment helps you with.

Examine your impulses. What motivates you to act? What are the things that stop you from acting? Are you doing it for a good reason or are you acting carelessly? Your desires affect how you act, just as your judgment defines how you act.

And it all starts with a thought.

Thought becomes word.

Word becomes deed.

Deed shapes who you become.

And who you become shapes your thoughts (again).